WooCommerce don’t provide option to generate link for variation. In this plugin we’ve added this feature first time. It allows to generate link for your selected variation and send the variation link to your to your custom for quick purchase.

Frontend Preview

Video Tutorial

Step 01: Plugin Installation

It’s the premium feature WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin. Make sure you have WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro plugin besides the free version.

[button style=”rounded-btn” text=”Live Demo” button_link=”http://bit.ly/generate-link-demo-doc” link_target=”_blank” type=”medium-btn” bg_color=”#333333″ text_color=”#FFFFFF”] [button style=”rounded-btn” text=”Upgrade to Premium Version” button_link=”http://bit.ly/generate-link-pro-doc” link_target=”_blank” type=”medium-btn” bg_color=”#56bfd4″ text_color=”#FFFFFF”]

Step 02: Configure Option

To enable the settings header to Advanced Tab from Swatches Settings. And check Generate Variation URL setting. After that Save Settings.